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DNA Polymerase Comparison with Specifications

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Specifications and pricing of commercially available Taq DNA Polymerases and High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases in Canada.

Max price per 50 ul reaction is based on the list price (CAD) of the smallest pack size for each product and each supplier available in Canada. Cost/reaction does not include the cost for dNTPs, other reagent or plastic consumables.

Last updated on 2018-09-15.

Product Name (suppller)Cat. NoHotStartCategoryFidelityExtension RateMax Amplicon size (gDNA/plasmid)Max Price (CAD) per 50 ul rx
EasyTaq® DNA PolymeraseAP111NoStandard Taq1x1-2 kb/min4 kb0.25 $
Taq DNA Polymerase (NEB)M0267NoStandard Taq1x1 kb/min6 kb0.27 $
TransFast® Taq DNA Polymerase (6 kb/min)AP101NoStandard Taq1x6 kb/min4 kb0.24 $
TransStart® Taq DNA PolymeraseAP141YesStandard Taq18x1-2 kb/min15 kb0.43 $
TransTaq®-T DNA PolymeraseAP122YesEnzyme Blends18x1-2 kb/min8 kb0.50 $
EasyPfu DNA PolymeraseAP211NoHigh-Fidelity18x0,5 kb/min6 kb / 10 kb0.40 $
TransStart® TopTaq DNA PolymeraseAP151YesStandard Taq18x1-2 kb/min15 kb0.49 $
TransTaq® (HiFi) DNA Polymerase High-FidelityAP131YesEnzyme Blends18x1-2 kb/min15 kb0.68 $
Taq DNA Polymerase (Qiagen)201203NoStandard Taq1x2–4 kb/minN/A0.79 $
Taq DNA Polymerase, recombinant (Invitrogen)10342053 NoStandard Taq1x1 kb/min5 kb0.80 $
HotStarTaq DNA Polymerase (Qiagen)203203YesStandard Taq1x2–4 kb/minN/A0.93 $
TransStart® KD Plus (Ultra-HiFi) DNA PolymeraseAP301YesUltra-High Fidelity108x1 kb/min15 kb / 20 kb1.07 $
Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (NEB)M0491No (available)Ultra-High Fidelity100x2-6 kb/min10 kb / 20 kb1.33 $
Q5® Hot Start High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (NEB)M0493YesUltra-High Fidelity100x2-6 kb/min10 kb / 20 kb1.66 $
TransStart® FastPfu (High-Fidelity) DNA PolymeraseAP221YesHigh-Fidelity54x2-4 kb/min15 kb / 20 kb1.19 $
KOD DNA Polyerase (EMD/Toyobo)71085-3No (available)High-Fidelity3.7x4-6 kb/min2 kb / 6 kb1.50 $
Phusion HotStart II High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (ThermoFisher)F549YesHigh-Fidelity52x2-4 kb/min10 kb / 20 kb1.68 $
Platinum™ SuperFi™ DNA Polymerase (ThermoFisher)12351010YesUltra-High Fidelity100x2-6 kb/min10 kb / 20 kb2.62 $
TransStart® FastPfu FLY (Ultra-HiFi) DNA PolymeraseAP231YesUltra-High Fidelity108x2-6 kb/min15 kb / 20 kb1.44 $
Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase HiFi (Life)11304029YesEnzyme Blends6x1 kb/min15 kb / 20 kb2.75 $
Accuprime Pfx (KOD)(Invitrogen)12344024YesHigh-Fidelity26x1 kb/min12 kb2.94 $
PfuUltra II Fusion HS (Agilent)600670YesHigh-Fidelity20x2-4 kb/min19 kb3.40 $