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Supplying the best DNA and RNA extraction kits is our highest goal.

In May 2020, the former CEO and the former business development manager of Favorgen Biotech, Mr. Alvin Leao and George Gan respectively, founded Alphagen Biotech. Both founders benefit from a minimum of 20 years of experience in manufacture and sales of nucleic acid columns.

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Alphagen Manufacture line
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ALPHAGEN Biotech is equipped with automated systems for production of high-quality molecular biology products & clinical chemistry reagents.


ALPHAGEN Biotech has established distributors in Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Europe, Pakistan, China & USA and covers 30+ countries with dedicated distributors. Alphagen is located in the southern region of Taiwan.

ALPHAGEN Biotech focuses on DNA/RNA extraction kit and EtBr destroyer series and on providing scientists with high-quality products at very competitive prices. The members of ALPHAGEN Biotech have over 20-years of experience in the DNA/RNA extraction field. Supplying the best products is our highest goal.