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PCR Success Guarantee

Our engagement in your PCR success.

Imagine the Immense Satisfaction of being Successful, always!

By purchasing any of TransBionovo’s DNA Polymerase, you instantly benefit from our PCR Success Guarantee !

Exceptional Performance

Benefit from cutting-edge DNA Polymerase technology and performance.

Achieve what you couldn't achieve before

In-line with our PCR Success Stories
  • Gain confidence in your manipulation skills
  • Start thinking about long or complex PCRs
  • No PCR will ever stall your research for days again.

Outstanding Support from CivicBio

Too difficult or think you failed? You have not. We are here for you. Your success is guaranteed, remember?!
  • Civic Bioscience is engaged in solving your PCR problems
  • Armed with superior technical know-how and tricks!
  • 100% success rate – WE DO IT FOR YOU
  • If we ever fail (fingers crossed) at solving your PCR problem (we are no quiters), we either redesign the experiment for free or offer a credit for your purchase (it never happened).

Buy today and benefit from our PCR Success Guarantee

You can ask us first for advice on your experimental design and/or for our recommendation for the optimal DNA Polymerase for your needs.

It’s FREE, just ask us at

This is all part of our PCR Success Guarantee!

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