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DNA Polymerases

Choose from our available DNA polymerases for amplifying DNA by PCR

DNA Polymerases available from Civic Bioscience Achieve Higher Levels of DNA Polymerase Performance
Subcategories include:

Genuine Taq DNA Polymerases (not blended);
Taq+Pfu blended DNA Polymerases (Enhanced Performance and Fidelity);
High-Fidelity and Ultra-High Fidelity. DNA Polymerases.

The choice of the optimal DNA polymerase highly depends on the characteristics of the system of your system (nature of your sample, content and purity) as well as the desired results (3′ A-overhangs or blunt-end). Most common applications including Genotyping, cloning, library amplification and site-directed mutagenesis require different DNA polymerases.