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Reverse Transcription and RT-PCR

In this category you will find reverse transcription systems (enzymes, mixes and kits) to generate first-strand cDNA, double-stranded cDNA in one- or two-steps protocols. Similar tools are also found for one-step or two-step RT-PCR. All-in-one mixes are also available.

Trans reverse transcriptases (Trans RT) contains three categories of reverse transcriptases. They are all deficient in RNase H activity which reduces RNA template degradation during the first-strand cDNA synthesis. Each Trans RT has its corresponding first-strand cDNA synthesis SuperMix, Two-Step and One-Step RT-PCR SuperMix. One-Step RT-PCR combines the first-strand cDNA synthesis with PCR in the same tube to simplify reaction setup and reduces the possibility of contamination.

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