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Molecular Biology Protocols from Civic Bioscience

PCR Protocols

Site-Directed Mutagenesis Stategies and Protocols Overview

SDM using WVA (Whole Vector Amplification)

SDM using Cloning by Ligation or Seamless Cloning & Assembly
  • Two-Sided PCR Overlap Extension followed by Cloning (re-writting in progress)
  • Fast & Clean 2SPO Site-Directed Mutagenesis Protocol (re-writting in progress)

Cell Biology Protocols & Resources from Elabscience

Viruses - the Top Killers - the Top Killers

The biggest danger to our species lies not with bullets or toxins, it has to do with things you cannot even see! It is virus that has killed millions of people. The 1918 Spanish flu have caused up to 50 million deaths worldwide.

Protein Phosphorylation : An Important Landmark Event for Biological Processes

Protein Phosphorylation

Phosphorylation as an effective way to regulate proteins is responsible for many intracellular processes such as cell growth and development, signal transduction and metabolism. Any disorders in the phosphorylation process…

The Mystery about Amino Acids

The Mystery of Amino Acids

Proteins responsible for all biological processes are one of the most important biomolecules in living organisms. All of our cells and even blood are filled with protein molecules. They are involved in the structure, function, and regulation of …

FAQ information

FAQ for Antibodies

Can I receive a free sample of a product?
Generally, we do not offer free or trial sized samples for testing purposes. Our policy is that if an antibody does not work as specified on the datasheet, we will offer a replacement or refund (Except the promotion period. Detailed promotion information will be displayed on our website, or you can contact our sales). If the antibody is being used in an untested species or application, we cannot offer a replacement or refund.
How can I determine whether an antibody may detect in an untested species?
Elabscience are unable to guarantee that an antibody will work in an untested species, even if the sequence alignment is high. There are many variables involved in the determining whether an antibody will bind in another species.

If there are no alternatives available, and it is necessary for you to consider purchasing an antibody for use in a species that is not tested, we recommend checking the sequence alignment of the immunogen with the protein you are interested in.

Is the information on the datasheet up-to-date and correct?
The datasheets contain the most up-to-date information we have available to us about this product. Where we find additional information, the datasheets are updated live on the website immediately,and you can contact our service team for any questions about Elabscience datasheet.
How should I choose a positive control?
If you require a suitable positive control, please contact our technical support team and we would be happy to help. Additionally, make sure that the cell line or tissue being used is from one of the species listed on the data sheet.
What antigen retrieval method should I use with this antibody?
We do not always have information available on the most suitable antigen retrieval method for an antibody in immunohistochemistry. This will often require a certain amount of optimization by the end user. Visit our IHC protocols page for more information on antigen retrieval methods.
What concentration of primary antibody should I use?
For antibodies which the suggested working dilutions are listed as “Assay Dependent” this simply means that the optimal dilution should be obtained by the end user. However, we are always available to provide assistance.
FAQ information

FAQ for ELISA Kits

Do I have to use a wavelength correction?
Reading at dual wavelengths is to correct the optical density contributed by the plate wells and other nonspecific interference. Our plates are chosen for their optical quality; therefore this correction is actually very small. If the dual wavelength feature is not available, data read at the recommended detection wavelength should be little affected.
Can I use a fully automated microplate ELISA analyzer to do the assay?
Normally, the amount and ratio of each reagent a fully automated microplate ELISA analyzer needs are not the same as in our kit, so it’s not applicable. Whereas if you can tell the amount of each reagent according to the machine manual and be sure the machine can be set the same procedure as in our manual, we receive special order. The price is based on your demand.
Which species does your ELISA kit work with?
ELISA and CLIA Kits where the molecule is conserved among all species (e.g. testosterone, cortisol) are species independent, and may be used with any species. Kits that list a specific species in the name (e.g. human) are specific for that species. If the species is not specified in the manual, the product is species independent. The information may also be found on the product specific page on our website.
How do I know if I need to dilute or extract my samples?
If the analyte level in your sample is out of the upper limit of the assay, you may dilute your sample and run directly with the kit. If your analyte level is out of the lower limit of the assay, extraction and concentration is necessary, or you need find a kit with higher sensitivity (i.e CLIA kits).
Why are my ODs different than those shown in the instruction manual?
It is normal to see a small variation in OD values between experiments. The variation is closely related to operation skills of the operators and the experimental environments. The standard curve in the manual is just for reference. As long as the OD values are with good gradient, the values are valid.
What is the best way to analyze my data?
For the most accurate results we recommend that 4 parameter logistic (4-PL) curve fitting software be used. The data may be near-linear by plotting the log of concentrations versus the log of OD values. By choosing a better curve fit for your data, you will ultimately have more accurate returned sample values. If this kind of standard curve is unavailable in the software, user can fit a curve which is chose by software automatically.