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Antibody and Protein Labeling Kits

Immunolabelling technology is an immunobiochemistry analysis method to identify and determinate the trace and ultra-trace bioactive substances. The principle of immunolabeling is to covalently combine the marker (such as fluorescein, radioactive isotope, enzyme, biotin, etc.) with another compound, and then a multicomponent complex will form due to the specific reaction between the marked compound and tested compound. After the separation of unbound marked compound, you can observe and detect the experiment result with kinds of precise detection instruments.

The immunolabeling technology can be applied to take qualitative, quantitative or semi-quantitative analysis of samples, and it can also be used to study the location in cells or tissues. Elabscience offers Fluorescence Labeling Kits and Biotin Labeling Kits with high-quality for researchers.

Elabscience Labeling Kits

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