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Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) is a widely used detection method. CLIA Kits combines the highly-sensitive chemiluminescence assay with highly-specific immune response and affinity of antibodies. Most frequently, CLIA kits are used to detect an antigen, hapten, antibodies, hormones, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins or drugs.

Currently, CLIA is the lastest to be developed and the most advanced immunoassay technology. Since its initial assay development, CLIA became a mature and advanced ultra-sensitive detection technology enabling the detection of trace amounts of analytes. The sensitivity and accuracy of CLIA are higher than ELISA and fluorescence methods by several orders of magnitude. The main advantages of CLIA include high-sensitivity, high-specialty, low cost, high stability of reagents, rapid detection, wide detection range, and simple operation.

Elabscience offers a wide-range of sensitive, high-quality and high-throughput compatible CLIA kits. Consequently, the kits can be used for the detection of target proteins from human, mouse and rat samples. Discover how your research can benefit from Elabscience CLIA Kits today.

Elabscience CLIA Kits