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Cashback Reward Program


From Sept. 1rst, 2017 to at least August 31rst, 2023.

Be Rewarded on Every Order!

Always receive 5% of your order in Cashback Reward $.

Unlimited Reagents Memberships do not grant Cashback Rewards.

Automated System

Cashback Rewards are automatically added to your online account. Redeem them, partially or in full, whenever you place an order within 90 days of the initial purchase.

Combine with any other offer!*

Receive Cashback rewards on discounted items and any other offer.

You can even use your Cashback rewards to earn more Cashback!

* Unless mentionned otherwise.

Earn Cashback $ on Every Order


  • Earn Cashback Rewards on product purchases at a rate equivalent to 10% of your order total*.
  • Earn on both Products & Services (5% rate).
  • NO minimal and NO maximal order amount**.
  • Spend your Cashback to pay for any product within 90 days.
  • You can use partial redemption of your cashback rewards to make strategic purchases.
  • Cashback cannot be used to pay for Service.

If you have placed orders already, click on My Cashback Rewards to see how much you’ve already earned.

* The cashback reward is rounded down and never up. i.e at a 5% rate, a purchase of either 129$ or of 120$ will award you with a a 6$ cashback reward in both cases.

** Shipping fees may apply if your order total after discount is less than 100$.

IMPORTANT – Customers who make purchases via their purchasing department must request that their email is
mentionned on the purchase order or notify us by email. Cashback Rewards will only be awarded if we receive an
email address. The 2019 Cashback Reward Program is valid until August 31rst, 2023. Some restrictions may apply during promotional offers.

You can always contact us if you need more information.

Want more rewards?

  • Write a Review = Earn a 25$ Cashback Reward
  • Be on the lookout for special offers on selected products or categories. Cashback x1.5, x2 or even x3 are frequently made available!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to spend my cashback rewards?
The cashback you’ve earned is valid for 90 days after the initial purchase.
What happens if I forgot to use my Cashback Reward within 90 days?
Well, in theory, you’ve lost it. Our coupon system automatically deletes expired coupons within a month of expiry.

In practice, If you contact us very rapidly, we may be able to help you use your Cashback Reward, even after 90 days, but in consequence you will lose 50% of its value.

Do you charge shipping fees?
Our shipping fees depend on the value of your purchase.

  • FREE on orders > 100 $
  • 25 $ if your order is < 100 $

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