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Focus on Results with our PCR Services

PCR Services from Civic Bio


Mouse Genotyping by PCR

Cloning from cDNA, gDNA or other

Site-Directed Mutagenesis

16s ribosomal RNA

PCR Problems ?

FREE PCR Service – We solve PCR problems!

  • Difficult cloning (AT-rich or GC-rich PCR)
  • Genotyping
  • Others

Our PCR Optimization Service is FREE 

  • Just ship us your samples and oligos.
  • We can also arrange shipping for 25$.

What we Offer

Custom strategy

Complete Custom Experimental Design

We design everything for you. Tailored to your needs. No need to worry about feasability.

Snapgene data

Plasmid Maps

Complete and detailed maps provided in Snapgene format, Genbank or Fasta.

Sequencing Results

Sequencing Results

DNA sequencing is performed at the Plateforme de Séquençage du CHUL in Quebec City.

Glycerol Stocks

Glycerol Stocks

In contrast to other service providers, we provide the bacteria glycerol stocks upon project completion. No need to perform plasmid DNA transformation on reception. Whenever possible, plasmid DNA is maintained in T1-phage and T5-phage resistant competent cells.

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

Discounts and/or free complementary products are offered for large projects or long-term projects.

En utilisant votre service de clonage et de mutagénèse, je peux me concentrer les les expériences qui sont vraiment importantes pour le laboratoire afin d’accélérer la vitesse de nos publications. En plus, le travail est garanti. David

Researcg Assistant, McGill

Si j’ai à cloner ou faire de la mutagénèse, simplement le coût d’acheter 2 enzymes et des bactéries coûte plus cher et le travail n’est toujours pas fait. Je préfère largement utiliser un service de clonage et avancer dans mes expériences durant ce temps. Alex

Ph.D Student, UOttawa

Focus on results

Focus on Results

not on building tools to generate results.

Plans and Pricing

As customized solutions may require personnalized pricing, we offer you a first look at what our PCR service pricing looks like. Please remember that PCR Service pricing may vary according to your needs and demands.