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About Elabscience

Elabscience Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (Elabscience) is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology. It offers more than 20,000 products, including ELISA kits, CLIA kits, Antibodies, and Proteins.

With energetic and experienced research teams, professional laboratories, first-class equipment and material supplied from top bio-tech corporation, Elabscience is committed to developing and producing a large selection of innovative high-quality reagents  to provide the Life Science research and diagnostic fields with comprehensive, high-quality protein-related products.

By applying innovative techniques and combinative use of immunology, molecular biology and cell biology, Elabscience research teams cover many areas, mainly involving vitro diagnosis, molecular markers, protein expression, food safety, drug residue, and environment protection.

Moreover, Elabscience has established seven technical service platforms, including ELISA customized Service, Immunoassay service, Molecular Biology Service, Protein Expression and Purification Service, Antibody Preparation Service, Cell Culture Service and Whole Research Project Service, to provide one-stop experimental service with professional knowledge, facilities and attitude.

Our Commitment to Quality

Elabscience is committed to developing and manufacturing  innovative, high-quality reagents in Immunology. By providing more than 20,000 porducts,  we guarantee our customers worldwide obtaining  exceptional results by using reagents that offer a new standard of excellence  such as innovation, quality and value.

Quality Control Processes

1) The product would be strictly tested in the research and development stage to confirm its stability and to reduce the difference among lots and within a lot.

2) Each goods are inspected before delivery, the failed one would not be delivered.

3) If the experimental results fail to satisfy the operator, our technical expert would analysis the same batch of products and the returned reagents of our customers to find the cause. If the problems lie in our product, we accept user return or exchange the products. If the problems lie in operation of the experiment, we would endeavor to find problems during performance to help operator correct their methods, hoping they could get their expected results.

FAQ information

FAQ for Antibodies

Can I receive a free sample of a product?
Generally, we do not offer free or trial sized samples for testing purposes. Our policy is that if an antibody does not work as specified on the datasheet, we will offer a replacement or refund (Except the promotion period. Detailed promotion information will be displayed on our website, or you can contact our sales). If the antibody is being used in an untested species or application, we cannot offer a replacement or refund.
How can I determine whether an antibody may detect in an untested species?
Elabscience are unable to guarantee that an antibody will work in an untested species, even if the sequence alignment is high. There are many variables involved in the determining whether an antibody will bind in another species.

If there are no alternatives available, and it is necessary for you to consider purchasing an antibody for use in a species that is not tested, we recommend checking the sequence alignment of the immunogen with the protein you are interested in.

Is the information on the datasheet up-to-date and correct?
The datasheets contain the most up-to-date information we have available to us about this product. Where we find additional information, the datasheets are updated live on the website immediately,and you can contact our service team for any questions about Elabscience datasheet.
How should I choose a positive control?
If you require a suitable positive control, please contact our technical support team and we would be happy to help. Additionally, make sure that the cell line or tissue being used is from one of the species listed on the data sheet.
What antigen retrieval method should I use with this antibody?
We do not always have information available on the most suitable antigen retrieval method for an antibody in immunohistochemistry. This will often require a certain amount of optimization by the end user. Visit our IHC protocols page for more information on antigen retrieval methods.
What concentration of primary antibody should I use?
For antibodies which the suggested working dilutions are listed as “Assay Dependent” this simply means that the optimal dilution should be obtained by the end user. However, we are always available to provide assistance.