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New Affiliate Program

Become a brand Ambassador

by Simon Roy | January 26th, 2022 | Company Posts, Latest News


Civicbio usually celebrates the birthday of its founder and owner every year.

Simon will be 41!

Simon likes win-win situations!

    In a COVID-19 and ‘post-COVID-19’ era, the way of doing things in several professions must be reviewed.

    The current fashion is referencing by affiliate. Basically, we refer a company to our friends via email, facebook, Youtube videos, etc. using a personalized link. and if an interested person is reached, this person becomes a new referred customer and the person who referred obtains a monetary reward.

    A nice illustration summarizes what an affiliate program is here.

    Highlights of the Civicbio Affiliate Program


    • 10% of the referral’s first purchase*.
    • 3% of the this same referred customer’s purchases over a 365 day period**.


    Full details and terms and conditions

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