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EasyPfu DNA Polymerase – AP211

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EasyPfu DNA Polymerase

EasyPfu DNA Polymerase is an engineered version of Pfu DNA Polymerase with enhanced yield and higher fidelity. EasyPfu DNA Polymerase possesses a proofreading 3′-5′ exonuclease activity.

Advantages of EasyPfu DNA Polymerase

  • Fidelity is 18 times higher than EasyTaq® DNA Polymerase.
  • The extension rate is about 0.5 kb/min.
  • PCR products can be directly cloned into pEASY® -Blunt vectors.
  • Amplification of genomic DNA fragment up to 6 kb.
  • Amplification of plasmid DNA fragment up to 10 kb.
  • Available with or without 2.5 mM dNTPs

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Manual and datasheet

AP211 EasyPfu DNA Polymerase

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6 x 500u, 6 x 500u + dNTPs, 250u + dNTPs, 250 u, 500u, 500u + dNTPs


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