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CUSTOM KIT – EasyTaq + High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases

Combine DNA Polymerases and save on :

  • EasyTaq DNA Polymerase
  • High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (20% off)
  • Competent Cells or CU101 DNA assembly kit (optional, 24-35% off)

From: $330.40 CAD

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Create your Custom Kit

Save on our best-selling high-fidelity and Taq DNA Polymerases by combining a both products from Transgen Biotech. It’s that easy!

Select your desired size of EasyTaq AP111 (min. 6x 500u) and unlock exceptional savings on :

This offer combines a minimum of 2 products

Required components:
  1. EasyTaq ≥ 6x 500u is required (i.e AP111-02 is the minimum).
  2. You must choose any High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase such as FastPfu AP221, FastPfu FLY AP231 or KD Plus AP301.
Scenarios to unlock a 20% discount on larger sizes of HiFi DNA Polymerases
  • EasyTaq AP111-02 or -12 –> HiFi -01 or -11;
  • EasyTaq AP111-03 or -13 –> HiFi -02, -12 or less;
  • EasyTaq AP111-04 –> HiFi -03, -13 or less.

*** If you order via your institution’s purchasing department
  1. please indicate the product code of each product variation
  2. add promo code : EASYHIFI


  • If you this custom kit, you will earn Cashback Rewards at 50% of the normal rate.


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