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T/A cloning, Blunt-end cloning or Seamless cloning and Assembly ?

pEASY Vector Selection Chart

Select the most suitable pEASY vector cloning kit for plasmid DNA cloning and transformation in accordance with your cloning or protein expression workflow. We provide an affordable alternative to expensive TOPO™ cloning. Choose pEASY cloning vectors for T/A cloning, blunt-end cloning or seamless cloning strategies. All our kits include high-efficiency and fast-growth Trans1-T1 phage Chemically Competent cells.

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General notes for cloning using pEASY® vectors

  • Do not add 5’ phosphates to the PCR primers. PCR products with 5’ phosphates will not be cloned into pEASY®
  • Choose the right DNA Polymerase for TA cloning or blunt cloning.
  • To clone diluted PCR products, increase the amount of PCR products or concentrate the PCR products.
  • To clone PCR products with multi-bands, gel purify the products before cloning.
  • Cloning reaction time cannot be more than 30 minutes.

pEASY Cloning Vectors