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pEASY-Uni Seamless Cloning and DNA Assembly Kit – CU101

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Seamless Cloning and DNA Assembly

The pEASY-Uni Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit takes advantage of a proprietary assembly DNA assembly mix to achieve directional cloning of PCR fragments that share 15-25 bp overlapping sequences into any linearized vector. Similarly to Gibson Assembly ® and other  DNA assembly enzyme mixes, this kit is highly efficient for seamless assembly of up to 5 DNA fragments.

Features of the pEASY-Uni Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit

  • Fast assembly and fast cloning: 15 minutes
  • Easy: regardless of restriction enzyme sites of inserts, and elimination of restriction digestion of inserts
  • High efficiency: up to 95% positive clones
  • Seamless Assembly: no extra sequences introduced
  • Includes Trans1-T1 Phage Chemically Competent Cell.


Note from CivicBio

We use this product to assemble 2 to 5 DNA fragments on a daily basis. Our overall success rate over 2 years (more than 200 different DNA assemblies) is about 98% and for most plasmids, over 90% of colonies will be correct. But in some circumstances, it may drop to 5-10% only. In our hands, such low success rate was caused by the actual genes/DNA sequences we were cloning. Difficult genes include genes coding for helicases, recombinases, polymerases and other genes related to the replication or transcription of genomic DNA in humans.


2×Assembly Mix100 μl6×100 μl
Trans1-T1 Phage Resistant Chemically Competent Cell5×100 μl30×100 μl
Linearized pUC19 Control Vector (10 ng/μl)3 μl18 μl
Control Insert (1 kb,20 ng/μl)3 μl18 μl



TGCU101 principle

Datasheet and manual

CU101 pEASY-Uni Seamless Cloning and Assembly Kit

Additional information


1 x 100 ul, 2 x 100 ul, 6 x 100 ul


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Product Reviews for pEASY-Uni Seamless Cloning and DNA Assembly Kit – CU101

1 review for pEASY-Uni Seamless Cloning and DNA Assembly Kit – CU101

  1. Christian Le Gouill (verified owner)

    We compared side by side this kit vs the Gibson cloning kit and NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly kit. There were no differences in the number of colonies and the % of positive clones. When your vector is well digested and the overlaps well balanced in G+C, you will get close to 100% of positive clones. For our tests, we used an assembly of 3 fragments (1 vector and 2 overlapping PCR fragments) and we obtained 90% of positive clones. If you already using other seamless assembly kits, I suggest that you try this one. It is less expensive and you also get a cashback on your orders.


    • Simon Roy (verified owner)

      Thanks Christian. I use the thus kit for all our cloning and mutagenesis projects. In our last project (assembly of different inserts into a vector), 11/12 colony PCRs were good (1/12 was WT) and an amazing 30 out of 30 miniprepped colonies were good! (15 different clones x 2 preps)

      Hey, you deserve this :

      CASHBACK x 2 on your next order!



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199.00$944.00$ CAD


Cashback Reward : Earn up to 94$!