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TransNGS Library Amplification SuperMix- KA101

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TransNGS Library Amplification SuperMix

TransNGS™ Library Amplification SuperMix is optimized for high-fidelity, robust amplification of next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries regardless of GC content. The ready-to-use 2x Mix contains TransStart® FastPfu Fly DNA polymerase, dNTPs and an optimized buffer to deliver state-of-the-art all-around performance for the amplification of precious NGS libraries.  TransNGS™ Library Amplification SuperMix is specifically formulated for NGS library amplification. The NGS Library Amplification SuperMix requires only the addition of primers and template. This TransNGS Library Amplification SuperMix is compatible with other TransNGS series products, but not restricted to.

Features of the FastPfu FLY NGS Library Amplification SuperMix

  • Ultra-High fidelity amplification.
  • Low amplification bias.
  • Ultra-High sensitivity and specificity.
  • TransStart® double hot start blocking technology.

What’s included with the NGS Library Amplification SuperMix

KA101-01 / KA101-02

TransNGS Library Amplification SuperMix : 1 ml (100 x 20 ul rx) / 5 x 1ml (500 x 20 ul rx)

ddH2O : 1 ml / 5 ml

Manual & Datasheet

KA101 TransNGS Library Amplification SuperMix

Additional information


1 ml (100 rx), 5 x 1ml (500 rx)

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144.00$576.00$ CAD


Cashback Reward : Earn up to 57$!