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FastPfu FLY (Ultra-HiFi) DNA Polymerase

Setting Higher Standards of High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase Performance
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Features of FastPfu FLY

FastPfu FLY AP231 kingfisher

Highly Specific

FastPfu FLY Features Un-Matched Specificity on Complex Templates such as Human Genomic DNA.

Ultra-High Fidelity

Fidelity 108-fold better than regular Taq DNA Polymerase

Fastest Extension Rate

Fast Extension Rate (up to 6 kb/min) for Most Templates

Low or High GC Content

Successful with Templates or Primers from 22% to 79% GC-Content

Difficult Templates

Outperforms Every Competitor DNA Polymerase when it Comes Down to Extremely Difficult Templates

FLY is Starred in our PCR Success Stories

FastPfu FLY helped solve > 10 customer problems in the past year

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PCR hSSPO comparison between Fast Pfu FLY and Phusion

PCR Success Story #9: High-Fidelity Amplification from Human gDNA

Highly Specific

Perfect amplification of a segment of human SSPO from gDNA with FastPfu FLY.

J’ai besoin de commander de la FastPfu Fly. La Fly est parfaite. Elle va régler tous nos problèmes.

Research Assistant, CHU Ste-Justine

PCR Success Story #14: Cloning of murC and murE from Pseudomonas aeruginosa gDNA

High-GC Content PCR

PCR Amplification of murE using FastPfu and FastPfu FLY.

The murE gene has an overall GC content of 69% GC with some segments reaching 80% GC.

La Fly est super! On a eu 3 gènes avec la KD et le dernier on a essayé la FLY ça crache!

PI, Université de Montréal

PCR Amplification of murE using FastPfu and FastPfu FLY
AT-rich 6.8 kb PCR with FastPfu FLY

Success Story # 20: Vector Amplification by Fast & Steep PCR

Low GC content and Long Range PCR

Successful Vector Amplification using FLY and TransBionovo DNA Polymerases.

Phusion and Q5 failed.

Detection limit of FastPfu FLY on gDNA

Detection Limit : 25 pg gDNA

Ranking of High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases:

  • Detection limit: FLY > Q5 = KKP > FastPfu > KP > Phusion
  • Yield: FLY > Q5 ≥ KKP > KP ≥ FastPfu ≥ Phusion

GC-rich PCR from gDNA

PCR amplification of human ARX 658 bp (79% GC) using a gradient of PCR Stimulant.

FastPfu FLY did not produce non-specific bands.

GC-rich PCR: Comparison of FastPfu FLY and Q5 High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases
Permissive PCR Cycling conditions with FastPfu FLY

Permissive PCR Cycling Conditions

FastPfu FLY requires very little PCR Cycling Optimization.

Wide window of perfect annealing temperature, even on purified or un-purified gDNA.

FLY your PCRs

FLY is faster than any DNA Polymerase tested on the market.

Its extension time reaches 6 kb/min on simple templates (plasmid and cDNA) and often on gDNA templates.

FastPfu FLY is FAST 6 kb/min

Achieve the 'Impossible' with FastPfu FLY !