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Touch Screen MD2000D/C/H/T Nano-Spectrophotometer


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Touch Screen MD2000D/C/H/T Nano-Spectrophotometer

The MD2000 series spectrophotometer, is a new type full-spectrum (190 – 850nm) spectrophotometer, with an integrated computer system, screen and four USB interfaces. It can be connected with a mouse, printer, U disk and other wireless card or USB devices. It has a built-in software, so it does not require any softwre installation before being able to use it. The spectrophotometer has two inspection form, including trace mode and colorimetric dish. It does not need dilution and baseline correction. Components include a built-in US-imported high precision progressive motor, low noise, long service life, automatic mixing and temperature control function. All acquired data is automatically saved. The instrument provides convenient data output statistics and user-friendly software.


  • MD2000D (no cuvette, internal PC)
  • MD2000C (cuvette, internal PC)
  • Heating Model MD2000H (cuvette, internal PC, room temperature to 42 °C)
  • Heating & Cooling model MD2000T (cuvette, internal PC, 4-42 °C)


  • Path length: 1 mm/0.2 mm/0.04 mm
  • Volume of sample: 0.3-2µL
  • Light source: pulsed xenon flash lamp
  • Detector: 2048-element linear silicon CCD array
  • Range of the wavelength: 190~850nm
  • Path length of cuvette: 1 mm/2 mm/5 mm/10 mm
  • Precision of the wavelength: ± 1nm
  • Resolution of the wavelength: 2 nm (FWHM at Hg 546nm)
  • Precision of absorbance: 0.002 Abs
  • Precision of absorbance: 1% (0.76Abs at 350nm)
  • Range of absorbance: 0.002 to 400 (10mm)
  • Measurement range of nucleic acid: 0.4 to 19000 ng/μL (dsDNA)
  • Measurement range of protein: 0.01 to 400 mg/ml (BSA)
  • Range of temperature: 4℃ to 42 °C (depends on model)
  • Measurement time: < 5s
  • Material of sample pedestal: stainless steel and quartz fiber
  • The inner computer system: Win7 (64-bit operating system) / Win8
  • Screen: colour LCD touch screen display
  • Outer dimensions 35 cm x 24 cm x 22cm
  • Weight of the instrument: 5.2 kg



The calculation of sample concentration is based on the Beer-Lambert law,

A = ε b c

Where A is the measured absorbance, ε is the molar absorption coefficient, b is the path length, and c is the concentration.

Range of application

The MD2000 series spectrophotometer can measure:

Nucleic Acids:

  • A260. The concentration and purity of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and others.
  • Micro Array. The concentration of fluorescent dye labeled nucleic acid (micro array), for it can measure the concentration of the nucleic acid and the dye at the same time.


  • Protein A280. The concentration of the protein (1 Abs unit = 1mg/mL), BSA, IgG, Lysozyme, Labels and Others;
  • Protein Kit Method. The concentration of protein with protein assay kit (Lowry, BCA, Bradford and Others), and the software can create standard curves and report directly the concentration of the sample.


The UV/VIS can perform a full-spectrum (190 – 850nm) absorbance scan.

Cell Culture:

It can measure the concentration of suspended cell cultures.


The instrument can make time-based kinetics measurements. The software only support kinetics measurement using the cuvette module.

Additional information


no cuvette, cuvette, cuvette, heating), cuvette, heating and cooling

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