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DW-K2800 Nucleic Acid Analyzer (Nano-Spectrophotometer)

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0 in stock (expect 7-14 days for delivery)

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DW-K2800 nucleic acid analyzer

DW-K2800 nucleic acid analyzer is specially designed to analyze the concentration and purity of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA).

Features of the DW-K2800 nucleic acid analyzer

  • 0.3-2µL sample size
  • No cells, no cuvettes
  • No warm-up delay
  • Rapid readout
  • Displays concentrations automatically
  • No dilution required, can measure samples with high and low concentrations
  • Easy to use


  • Path length: 1mm, 0.2mm
  • Sample size: 0.3-2µL
  • Light source: Xenon flash lamp
  • Wavelength: 260nm, 230nm, 280nm
  • Absorbance precision: 0.002 Abs
  • Absorbance accuracy: 1%
  • Absorbance range: 0.2-75 (10mm equivalent absorbance)
  • Detects Nucleic acids: 10-3750ng/ul (dsDNA)
  • Detects Protein: 0.5mg/ml-110mg/ml (BSA)
  • Measurement time: < 5s
  • Outer dimensions: 24cm x 22cm x 14cm
  • Net weight: 2.35 kg

General operation instructions

  1. Pipet 0.3-2 µL sample onto the test platform with a micropipette.
  2. Close the sampling arm.
  3. Press the ‘Measure’ button on the instrument or workstation, and the result of the sample will appear in seconds (A230, A260, A280, A260/A230, A260/A280 and concentration).
  4. Wipe the sample from the test platform with clear absorbent paper.
  5. Press the ‘Print’ button to print the result data for your lab book.

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1 review for DW-K2800 Nucleic Acid Analyzer (Nano-Spectrophotometer)

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