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pEASY®-T5 Zero Cloning Kit – CT501

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pEASY®-T5 Zero T/A TOPO Cloning Kit

pEASY®-T5 Zero Cloning Vector contains a suicide gene. Ligation of PCR fragment containing 3’A-overhangs) disrupts the expression of the gene. Cells that contain non-recombinant vector are killed upon plating. Therefore, blue/white screening is not required. The vector is also designed for T3 and T7 RNA polymerases in vitro transcription. T7 RNA polymerase-mediated transcription can be performed using our T7 High-Efficiency Transcription Kit. Visit our DNA Polymerase selection chart to find the best DNA polymerase suitable for T/A cloning.

Features of the pEASY®-T5 Zero Cloning Kit

  • 5 minutes fast ligation of Taq-amplified (3’A overhangs) PCR products.
  • High cloning efficiency. Positive clones up to 100%.
  • No blue/white selection needed.
  • Suitable for short and large fragment cloning.
  • Kanamycin and Ampicillin resistance genes for choice of selection.
  • M13 forward primer and M13 reverse primer for sequencing.
  • T3 promoter and T7 promoter for in vitro transcription.
  • Includes Trans1-T1 phage resistant chemically competent cell, high transformation efficiency (>109 cfu/μg pUC19 DNA) and fast growth.


TGCT501 content TGCT501 vector

Datasheet and manual

CT501 pEASY ®-T5 Zero Cloning Kit

pEASY-T5 Zero Snapgene (linearized)

T5 Zero Complete sequence

Additional information


20 rx, 60 rx

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316.00$839.00$ CAD


Cashback Reward : Earn up to 83$!