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Reduce the Cost of your Experiments with CivicBio Customizable Molecular Biology Kits

mars 18, 2019
DNA Polymerases | EasyTaq | FastPfu | PCR | PCR Purification | Taq DNA Polymerase
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Save on the Products that Matter

Our already popular 222$ DUO Miniprep + Gel/PCR Purification now allows you to choose 2 x 300rx minipreps or 2x 300rx Gel/PCR purification.


Already familiar our most popular products?

  • EasyTaq DNA Polymerase
  • High-Fidelity DNA Polymerases,
  • High-efficiency competent cells, such as Stbl3,
  • CU101 ‘Gibson assembly’,
  • Favorgen miniprep kits and
  • DNA stains?

These reagents already save you time by providing superior efficiency and performance.

Continue reading to see how high-quality reagents can be affordable, at all scales and all year long!


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