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TransDirect Mouse Genotyping PCR Kit – AD501


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Direct Mouse Genotyping PCR Kit

TransDirect® Mouse Genotyping Kit uses a unique lysis buffer to prepare mouse genotyping PCR-ready DNA from fresh or frozen mouse tissue slices, such as mouse ears, toes and tails. The highly-efficient 2×TransDirect Mouse Genotyping PCR SuperMix (+dye) can effectively suppress the inhibitory activities of the crude lysate and thus enable for successful PCR amplification.

Benefits of using a Direct PCR Mouse Genotyping Kit

  • No DNA extraction to perform: Direct PCR amplification from crude lysate.
  • Obtain reliable results fast: Suitable for PCR-based rapid mouse genotyping.
  • Achieve high-throughput: Easy-to-use and save a lot of time.
  • Multiplex matters: multiplex PCR with up to 5 pairs of primers.


Component AD501-01 (100 rxns) AD501-02 (500 rxns)
AD1 Buffer 4 ml 20 ml
AD2 Buffer 1 ml 5 ml
2×TransDirect® Mouse Genotyping SuperMix (+dye) 1 ml 5×1 ml
10×GC Enhancer 1 ml 5×1 ml
ddH2O 5 ml 25 ml

Manual & Datasheet

AD501 TransDirect Mouse Genotyping Kit

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