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FavorPrep™ EtBr Destroyer Bag (for liquids)

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FavorPrep™ EtBr Destroyer Bag

Features and Specifications

◊ Effective:

Favorgen’s EtBr Destroyer is a laboratory reagent intended for the removal and destruction of Ethidium Bromide contamination. This effect can be monitored and confirmed by UV light exposure whereby once the EtBr has been destroyed the fluorescence will disappear.

◊ Fast:

For general protection of uncontaminated area, spray the EtBr Destroyer on the entire working area, leave for about 5 minutes, then wipe it dry with paper towel. When dealing with more seriously contaminated liquid samples the EtBr Destroyer bag is an ideal solution. Three litters of double distilled H2O containing 30 mg of Ethidium Bromide can be destroyed in a matter of days using Favorgen easy-to-follow up protocol with the bag format.

EtBr Destroyer Bag Application for Liguid EtBr -1

1. Before adding EtBr Destroyer

EtBr Destroyer bag

2. After additon of EtBr Destoryer bag

EtBr Destroyer completion

3. Completed EtBr removal


◊ Specific :

Two specific designs are for different purposes : Ethidium Bromide Destroyer bags and Ethidium Bromide Destroyer Spray

◊ Economic :

Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Sprayer bottles can be refilled after use and the bags are available in both a 10 and 20 pack. In comparison to the costs associated with properly disposing of hazardous materials the EtBr Destroyer products save your money in the long run. You can even re-use your buffer after treatment! One of the big economical benefits of using this product is that after using the Favorgen EtBr Destroyer, the once-contaminated buffer can be filtrated and use again without worry.

◊ Safe :

Favorgen EtBr Destroyer has been demonstrated by Ames test to safely and effectively destroy EtBr without any mutagenic effect. The AMES test result data supports that the genotoxicity of EtBr contaminated solution, treated by both the Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Bag and Sprayer was reduced significantly and a negative result was determined.

Manual & Datasheet

FAVORGEN Extraction kit PDF brochure

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10 bags, 20 bags, 50 bags

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