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GelStain – GS101

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GelStain is the perfect and safe alternative to ethidium bromide staining of DNA or RNA during agarose el electrophoresis. It is a sensitive, stable and safe staining reagent for DNA/RNA. This DNA/RNA stain uses the same wavelength as ethidium bromide (EtBr), and it is more sensitive than EtBr.

Advantages of using GelStain

  • No toxicity: made of a unique mixture of hydrophobic macromolecules. GelStain does not penetrate cell membranes.
  • High sensitivity: provides high sensitivity, detecting low amounts of DNA or RNA (10-20 ng).
  • Exceptional stability: can be heated or microwaved.
  • Signal to noise ratio: strong fluorescent signal from samples, weak from background.
  • Like EtBr, GS101 can be used before electrophoresis or after electrophoresis. No destaining is needed.
  • No optical setting change: standard EB filter and SYBR filter can be used.


10,000x (can be used at 1x or 0.5x final concentration)

Excitation Wavelenght spectrum

GelStain emission spectrum

Excitation spectrum of GelStain Lot 17419: Red line is 10-fold more diluted than purple line. Lot 17128: Black line is 10-fold more diluted than purple line.

Emission Wavelenght spectrum

GelStain emission spectrum


at 4°C in the dark for one year

Manual and datasheet:

GS101 GelStain

Additional information


1 ml, 5 x 1 ml, 500 ul


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