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FavorFilter Plasmid MAXIPrep SP Kit (spin column)

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Spin-Column Plasmid Filter MAXIPrep SP Kit

FavorFilter™ Plasmid Filter MaxiPrep Kit is designed for isolation of plasmid or cosmid DNA from up to 60 ml of bacterial cultures. The procedure uses the modified alkaline lysis and a Filter syringe to get the cleared lysate quickly from bacteria cultures. With the suitable binding condition provided by this system, the plasmid in the cleared lysate binds to fibber glass matrix in the Binding Column which binding capacity is up to 500 μg of DNA. The contaminants are washed away with W1 Buffer and 70 % ethanol and finally the purified plasmid is ready for the following application such as restriction digestion, ligation, PCR and sequencing reaction. The entire procedure can be done within 60 minutes.

Features and Specifications

◊ High Recovery

  • High yields of plasmid DNA
  • Up to 450 ug

◊ Time-saving

  • Centrigugation-based protocol
  • Rapid extraction and purification in less than 60 min
  • No phenol and No alcohol precipitation

Kit content

  • PDEA Buffer
  • PDEB Buffer
  • PDEC Buffer
  • W1 Buffer
  • Elution Buffer
  • RNase A (50 mg/ml)
  • Binding Maxi Columns
  • Maxi Filter Syringes
  • 2 ml centrifuge tubes


  • Store at room temperature (15~ 25 ℃) for 2 years.
  • RNAse A Powder : store at -20℃.

Manual & Datasheet

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