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2-step Plus Poly-HRP Anti Goat IgG Detection System

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2-step plus Poly-HRP Anti Goat IgG Detection System


2-step plus is a two-step immunohistochemical broad spectrum detection reagent, recently launched by the Elabscience company. It polymerizes monovalent Fab fragments of secondary antibody and enzyme, which replaces the traditional method through secondary antibody and tertiary antibody binding signal. This method not only retains specific binding ability of antibody with antigen, but can also effectively avoid steric hindrance caused by excessive polymer molecules. Compared with the traditional SP three-step method, this kit has the characteristics of being simple, rapid and sensitive. The detection system no longer uses biotin, so it eliminates background staining by endogenous biotin. It can be used to detect goat monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies. The unique polymer auxiliary agent for macromolecular detection system achieves better primary antibody binding for detection. This detection system is now the most sensitive immunohistochemical detection system available from Elabscience.



Item Description
Reagent 2 3% H2O2
Confining liquid 5% BSA for tissue section sealing
Reagent 1 Poly-HRP anti-goat IgG (Ready-to-use)  




IHC Detection Procedure

  1. Section paraffin, dewax conventionally
  2. According to special requirements of applied primary antibody, pretreat the tissue section;
  3. Incubate with 3% H2O2 deionized water for 10min to eliminate endogenous peroxidase activity;
  4. Wash with PBS or TBS, 2 min, 3 times;
  5. Add primary antibody with proper dilution ratio, incubate at 20~37℃ for 1~2h or at 4℃ for one night(then rewarming at 37℃ for 30min), wash with PBS or TBS, 2 min, 3 times;
  6. Add reagent 1, incubate at room temperature or 37℃ for 20min, wash with PBS or TBS, 2 min, 3 times;
  7. Color development with DAB;
  8. Wash with deionized water;
  9. Make the section counterstained, dewatered, transparent if the experiment requires;
  10. Mount the section with proper mounting medium and then observe.


Stored at 2°C – 8°C. Shading light.

Manual and Datasheet

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3 ml, 6 ml, 12 ml

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