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EnCor Biotechnology Recombinant Proteins

EnCor Biotechnology Recombinant Proteins available in Canada from Civic Bioscience.

EnCor Biotechnology has had a long time interest in the intermediate or 10nm filaments of the nervous system. There has also been considerable interest in the detection of these proteins as biomarkers of different kinds of CNS damage and disease. In the last few years, EnCor has manufactured large amounts of several of these proteins in recombinant form. These recombinant proteins are used as ELISA protein standards, for monoclonal antibody epitope mapping and for continued production of high-quality antibodies. All of the recombinant proteins are made using the pET expression system, and are expressed in and purified from E. coli.  All EnCor proteins are expressed from cDNAs encoding the full length human protein sequence, but were codon optimized for efficient E. coli, expression. Notably, EnCor Biotechnology Recombinant Proteins include Neurofilament NF-L, Vimentin, Peripherin, GFAPα-internexin and many other purified proteins.

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