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Limited Offer – Get a Free mini16 Thermocycler!

by | Jan 31, 2019 | 2019 - Archives

For my own birthday, every year, I find a way to celebrate with you.

To be quite frank, the promotion I want to do is, for the moment, not configurable on the website but I will work on it in the coming days so that it becomes possible by Valentine’s Day.

However, I thought of a truly unique alternative to celebrate!

Would you like to get an exceptional thermocycler, for free?!

  • portable,
  • sustainable,
  • versatile,
  • offering unimaginable and complex programming possibilities on conventional PCR devices,
  • Bluetooth compatible,
  • proven reliability on the international space station,
  • proven performance in several publications
  • used in our own lab!
  • Value of $ 1290

I love mine so much that I want to give you one for FREE!

(I tell you how after the description)


mini16 : mini footprint, high PCR capacity on your bench or on the field!

mini16 portability

miniPCR in the Ecuador jungle. Courtesy of Aaron Pomerantz.

mini16 miniPCR

mini16 : a portable, durable and flexible thermocycler for your lab, classroom or on the field.

mini16 flex mode

Create limitless PCR cycling programs.

Durable in your lab, the field, or classroom

Publication-quality results

In addition to being used on the international space station, miniPCR has been used for different applications

More details about the mini16 here


Offer of limited duration and quantity!

– First come, first served –

– Limit of three (3) free mini16 thermocyclers –

– Ask me for a quote by the deadline of February 28, 2019 –

Buy one of these products and instead of getting Cashback Rewards, get one (1) mini16 for free! No hidden fees. Value of $ 1290

Full specifications of the mini16 here.


No need for a thermal cycler?

Here are 2 other choices to get for free with your purchase (without Cashback). Limit of 5 to get free by February 28, 2019.


Need a product demonstration before you decide?

No problem, just ask me for a demo!


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