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CLE-RAC-SAL (Clenbuterol-Ractopamine-Salbutamol) Rapid Test Kit – E-FS-C005

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CLE-RAC-SAL (Clenbuterol-Ractopamine-Salbutamol) GICA Kit

Research area(s) : Food Safety

Detected target and abbreviation: Clenbuterol-Ractopamine-Salbutamol (CLE-RAC-SAL)

Sample Type(s) : Urine | Fodder

Sensitivity : 3 ppb/3 ppb/5 ppb ppb

Assay Configuration : GICA

Detection Method : Immunochromatographic

Reaction Mode :

Format : 40 tests

Storage : 2~30℃

Shelf Life : 12 months

Other informations :

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Manual & Datasheet

Additional information


40 tests

Assay Configuration

Detection Method


Assay Type

Sample Type

urine, Fodder

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