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Unlimited Molecular Biology Reagents


Molecular Biology Reagents for Academic Researchers or Institutions

Also receive 5% to 10% off on all your product purchases!

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Unlimited Molecular Biology Reagents Available to Academic Researchers

Unlimited Supply of Performance

Ideal for large labs performing  similar experiments routinely.

Fixed membership pricing ensures that your reagent budget is respected.

Ensures lot-to-lot consistency for high performance reagents such as competent cells, DNA polymerases, qPCR and others.

Very aggressive pricing for groups of 8 labs or entire institutions opting for a membership.

Also receive 5% to 10% off on all your product purchases!

Go Limitless for a Year

It’s a Membership : All lab member’s emails must be communicated with us.
Economical Pricing : based on bulk pricing for a year supply.
Supply : 4 shipments included during the year. One per trimester.
Extra Shipments : 300$ fee, per lab, to cover for dry ice and shipping fees.
Final Shipment** : 90 days before the plan’s expiry date (if not renewed).
Other conditions and restrictions may apply depending on your institution and/or choice of reagent.
* A penalty equivalent to a yearly unlimited plan will apply. **Cannot exceed previous shipment quantities.

Unlimited Competent Cells

TOP10 = Trans10
DH5α = Trans5a
XL-1 Blue = Trans1-Blue
XL-10 Gold = Trans2-Blue
MACH1-T1 = Trans1-T1 (fast growth)
Stbl3 = TransStbl3
dam-/dcm- = Trans110
ccdB+ = TransDB3.1 (for Gateway system cloning)
DpnI+ = DMT Competent Cells (for site-directed mutagenesis)
JM109 = Trans109
BL21 (for low/toxic protein expression)


BL21(DE3) pLysS

Transetta (DE3) (pRARE, 6 rare codons)

TransB(DE3) (for disulfide bonds and enhanced solubility)

Unlimited Plasmid Miniprep & Gel/PCR Purification

FavorPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction MiniPrep Kit (for < 3ml) – FAPDE-300

FavorPrep GEL/PCR Purification Kit – FAGCK-001

Unlimited High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase

FastPfu FLY (Ultra-HiFi) DNA Polymerase – AP231

FastPfu High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase – AP221

KD Plus (Ultra-HiFi) DNA Polymerase – AP301

Our #1 seller : Unlimited EasyTaq DNA Polymerase

EasyTaq DNA Polymerase – AP111