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Which Reverse Transcriptase should be used for RNA Reverse Transcription ?

Reverse Transcription Comparison & Selection chart

With the great variety of reverse transcriptases available on the market, most having anything-but-descriptive names, choosing the most suitable RNA Reverse Transcriptase for cDNA synthesis can be a challenging task. Wether you plan to perform qPCR, qRT-PCR or regular mRNA detection using RT-PCR is of prime importance because not all products perform the same and not all of them are intended to be used for every application.

In this reverse transcription guide, we try helping you out in choosing the optimal reverse transcriptase. Transgen Biotech RTs, available exclusively from Civic Bioscience in Canada, are offered as stand-alone enzymes, SuperMixes and convenient All-in-one formats. Use the reverse transcription selection guide to decide which product seems best for your research. Then, use our reverse transcription comparison charts to compare our produtcs to the competitor products.

Compare our Reverse Transcription systems to competitor products

Now that you've selected a product of interest, click on the image portfolio below to discover which reverse transcription system from competitors is comparable including all major specifications for each product.
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