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TransZol – RNA Extraction – ET101

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TransZol is a ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from cells and tissues. It combines phenol and guanidine thiocyanate in a mono-phase solution to inhibit RNase. After lysis and centrifugation, RNA remains in the aqueous phase and others in the interphase or organic phase. RNA is precipitated by addition of isopropanol.

Advantages of using TransZol for RNA Extraction

  • Isolate RNA from a variety of species: animal, plant, yeast, bacterial and virus (tissue: 50-100 mg; cell: 5x10E6).
  • The whole procedure can be completed in one hour.
  • Simultaneous isolation of RNA, DNA and protein from the same sample.
  • Pink solution for easy visualizing different phases.
  • Intermediary phase is more stable than competing products.
  • Unique resuspension solution for long-term RNA storage (does not contain EDTA).

TGET101 content

Manual and datasheet:

ET101 TransZol

Publications using ET101

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1 review for TransZol – RNA Extraction – ET101

  1. srcivicbio

    From a customer who bought 12 bottles:

    J’aime plus le TransZol que le TRIzol car la phase intermédiaire est plus stable et donc il est plus facile de récupérer la phase aqueuse sans contamination.

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121.00$ CAD


Cashback Reward : Earn up to 12$!