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TransScript Green Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix – AQ201

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TransScript® Green Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix

TransScript® Green Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix is a two-step fluorescent quantification PCR kit with capability of high-efficient synthesis and high-efficient amplification. 5x TransScript® All-in-One SuperMix for qPCR (One-Step gDNA removal) is provided for stimultaneous gDNA removal and cDNA synthesis. 5x TransScript® All-in-One No-RT Control SuperMix for qPCR serves as a control test in absence of reverse transcriptase, which is used to judge whether the qPCR template comes from cDNA or not. TransScript® Top Green qPCR SuperMix is provided for qPCR amplification. In addition, passive reference dyes are supplied for different qPCR instruments.

Advantages TransScript® Green Two-Step qRT-PCR SuperMix

  • Simultaneous genomic DNA removal and cDNA synthesis to minimize contamination.
  • High amplification capability, high specificity, high sensitivity and accurate data.
  • Passive reference dyes are suitable for different qPCR instruments (normalize the fluorescent signal between reactions).

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Manual and Datasheet:

AQ201 TransScript® Green Two-Step qRT-PCR

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RT (50 x 20 ul rx) + qPCR (300 x 20 ul rx)


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