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T4 DNA Ligase – FL101

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T4 DNA Ligase

T4 DNA Ligase catalyzes the formation of a phosphodiester bond between juxtaposed 5′-phosphate and 3′-hydroxyl termini in duplex DNA or RNA with blunt or cohesive end. The enzyme repairs single-strand nicks in duplex DNA, RNA or DNA/RNA hybrids but has no activity on single-strand nucleic acids. This enzyme requires ATP as a cofactor.


E.coli strain carrying T4 DNA ligase gene

Unit Definition

One unit is the amount of enzyme required to give 50% ligation of Hind III fragments of λ DNA (5 ́ DNA termini concentration of 0.12 μM, 200 μg/ml) in a total reaction volume of 20 μl in 30 minutes at 16°C in 1x T4 Ligase Buffer.

Quality Control

Functional absence of endonucleases and exonucleases activities

Applications for T4 DNA Ligase

  • Cloning blunt-end or cohesive-end fragments.
  • Ligation of synthetic linkers or adaptors.


TGFL101 content

Storage at -20 °C for one year

Datasheet and manual

FL101 T4 DNA Ligase

Additional information


5 x 20 000 u, 10 000 u, 20 000 u


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1 review for T4 DNA Ligase – FL101

  1. Bin

    Tried this T4 ligase as an alternative to the T4 Ligase that we nornally use. Ligation was a success!

    • srcivicbio (verified owner)

      Thank you Bin for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed Transgen’s T4 DNA Ligase. I’ll email your lab manager a promo code for a 10% discount. All the best

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