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pEASY®-T1 Simple Cloning Kit – CT111

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pEASY®-T1 Simple T/A Cloning Kit

pEASY®– T1 Simple Cloning Vector eliminates the multi-cloning sites of pEASY®-T1 Cloning vector. It is designed for cloning and sequencing Taq-amplified PCR products. The vector is suitable for T7 RNA polymerase-mediated in vitro RNA transcription using our T7 High-Efficiency Transcription Kit. Visit our DNA Polymerase selection chart to find the best DNA polymerase suitable for T/A cloning.

Features of the pEASY® Simple Cloning Kit


TGCT111 content TGCT111 vector

Datasheet and manual

CT111 pEASY ®-T1 Simple Cloning Kit

pEASY-T1 simple sequence

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