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Give EasyTaq to a Friend (PDF voucher by email)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Friend’s have to help each other!

Here’s an opportunity to give the best taq DNA Polymerase to help you friends!

Since you already use EasyTaq DNA Polymerase in your lab, you already know that it outperforms most of other Taq DNA Polymerases.

Genotyping by PCR and routine PCR using EasyTaq is just… easy!

Share the benefits of using EasyTaq by giving someone a free 500u pack size (AP111-01) of EasyTaq!

Plus, if you friend buys EasyTaq in the future, you will also receive 500u for free !!!

Let’s hope your friend likes EasyTaq as much as you do !

How it works

Send your friend a voucher for a free gift

  1. If you bought EasyTaq in the past, you will receive a promo code from civicbio by email.
  2. Fill-in all the required fields.
  3. Add this free gift to your cart
  4. Use your promo code at checkout (total will be 0$)
  5. You wil receive an order confirmation and copy of the Free Gift Voucher (pdf)
  6. Your friend, the recipient, will also receive it by email.

Your friend can now claim their free gift

  1. Your friend will add AP111-01 to his/her cart.
  2. Use their coupon code at checkout (includes free shipping)
  3. We’ll ship the free gift free of any charge!

Redeem your gift online at or by PO by using the coupon code.
The recipient of this gift must not have purchased EasyTaq in the past. One (1) free AP111-01 per new customer only.
The person who gives the free gift can do so once per year!

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500 u


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