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FlyCut™ Eag I – JE101

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FlyCut™ Eag

FlyCut™ Eag I is expressed and purified from E.coli that carries the recombinant Eag I gene. The molecular weight is 35.1 kDa, with the recognition site at C^GGCCG. The reaction condition is at 37oC, with heat inactivation at 65oC for 20 minutes. This enzyme is not sensitive to dam or dcm methylation, but it is sensitive to mammalian CpG methylation.

Enzyme Properties

Fast cleavage in 5-10 minutes with high fidelity

FlyCut™ Eag Ⅰ components

  • FlyCut™ Eag Ⅰ : 250 u / 500 u
  • 10x FlyCut™ Buffer: 500 ul / 1 ml
  • 10x DNA Loading Buffer: 1 ml / 1 ml

Manual & Datasheet

JE101 -FlyCut™ EagI

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250 u, 500 u


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