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FavorPrep™ miRNA Isolation Kit – FAMIK-00

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FavorPrep™ miRNA Isolation Kit

Favorgen’s miRNA Isolation Kit is designed for purification of microRNAs (miRNAs) and other small cellular RNAs from tissue samples or cultured cells. Purification of miRNAs allows research into biological significant pathways for regulation of gene regulation. The standard protocols for isolating total RNA and mRNA are not optimized for isolation of small RNA molecules and result in the loss of substantial amounts of miRNAs and other small RNA. In addition, removal of the predominant larger RNAs is required for accurate analysis of miRNA expression by qPCR or microarray analysis. This kit is specifically designed for purification of small RNA with minimal contamination from large RNA molecules or genomic DNA. The method employs a spin column with a silica-based fiber matrix that binds RNA in the presence of a chaotropic salt. The method is based on the selective binding of RNA molecules of different sizes to the silica-based fiber matrix when different ethanol concentrations are present in the solvent.

Features and Specifications

◊ Simple and Easy Procedure in 30 min :

  • Specifically designed for purification of small RNA with minimal contamination from large RNA molecules or genomic DNA
  • No risk or enzymatic inhibition by phenol/chloroform
  • miRNA is suitable for downstream applications such gene expression analyses, miRNA quantification and other enzymatic reactions

◊ High yield :

  • Extract 0.5 to 2 ug of miRNA (in average) from :
    • 106 mammalian cells
    • up to 5 mg of freash mammalian tissue
    • up to 100 mg of plant tissue
    • 5 x 107 yeast
    • 5 x 106 bacterial cells
  • Maximal column binding capacity of 1 mg total nucleic acid

◊ Economic :

  • High value for yor money
  • If you get a lower price from another supplier, please contact us first.

Kit content:

  • Lysis Buffer
  • 2M NaOAc, pH 5.2
  • Wash Buffer
  • Release Buffer
  • RNase-free Water
  • RNA columns
  • 2 ml Collection Tubes


  • Store at room temperature (15~ 25 ℃) for 2 years.

Manual & Datasheet

FAVORGEN Extraction kit PDF brochure

Product suggestion for downstream applications:

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