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Fast Mutagenesis System – FM111

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Fast Mutagenesis System

Design for the Fast Mutagenesis System

  • Primers anneal to the DNA template, mutant strands are synthesized with TransStart® FastPfu DNA Polymerase.
  • In vitro digestion of non-mutated parental plasmid (methylated plasmid) with DMT enzyme and in vivo degradation of the non-mutated parental plasmid with DMT Chemically Competent Cell,  so as to efficiently select mutant clones.

Advantages of using the Fast Mutagenesis System

  • Similarly to the QuickChange site-directed mutagenesis strategy, mutation sites on both primers to improve the mutation efficiency.
  • Partially overlapping primers for exponential DNA amplification.
  • TransStart FastPfu DNA Polymerase has an extension rate of 4 kb/min and fidelity is 54 times higher than EasyTaq DNA Polymerase.
  • Double digestions (in vitro and in vivo) of parental plasmids to enhance mutation efficiency.
  • DMT competent cells are included.


TGFM111 content

TGFM111 principle

Manual and Datasheet:

FM111 Fast Mutagenesis System

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179.00$309.00$ CAD


Cashback Reward : Earn up to 30$!

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