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Custom ssDNA Oligos – CB-OLIGO

As an emerging pioneer in Canada, CivicBio continues to develop innovative ways and partnerships to serve our customers by providing you with automated custom oligo synthesis. In combination with our proven high-quality molecular biology reagents, we routinely use oligos (DNA primers) to perform DNA sequencing (using the Sanger method or Next Generation Sequencing technologies), cloning, gene synthesis, and qPCR services for our clients successfully.

Pricing varies according to each customer’s purchasing history or its current membership status.

The base price for dry desalted 10 nmol scale custom oligos is 0.20$/base.

5% discount is awarded for each product or category that you have purchased in the past.

  • EasyTaq
  • FastPfu FLY or other HiFi DNA Polymerase
  • Competent Cells or Cloning Kits
  • qPCR

Please inquire for additional options or to purchase a membership (Oligo Level 1 through 4) and get up to 20% discount on your custom DNA oligos all year around!

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    • 0.2 $ (CAD)

    For clarity purposes, you may attach a file (.txt, .xls, .scv only) to your oligo order. This is to prevent any mistakes in your oligo order. We strongly encourage you to attach this file. Keep your file as simple as you can.

    Please follow the 17-character maximum guideline for your primer names.

    • Primer names in the first column
    • Primer sequences (5' to 3') in a different column.
    • Do not attach a Word file.
    • (max file size 64 MB)
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When you order a custom DNA oligo (primer) from us, you get:

  • Easy online ordering interface
  • Single stranded custom DNA
  • Synthesis scales from 0.01 μmol to 10 μmol
  • Huge variety of available modifications (coming soon)
  • Different purification options to choose from
  • Delivered dry or hydrated (normalized)
  • Shipped in tubes or 96-well plates

Some options are not yet available but will be soon. Please make a request for any urgent demand.

High Quality Oligos. Fast Turn-Around Times

  • Synthesized using highly efficient phosphoramidite chemistry
  • Synthesized in a high-throughput production facility
  • Processed using highly automated technologies
  • Assayed by MALDI-TOF MS analyses and OD measurement
  • Monitored by a sophisticated barcode driven system

Additional information


desalted, HPLC, HPSF (NGS-grade), HPSF (reverse-phase), PAGE


10 nmol, 25 nmol, 50 nmol


Dry, ddH2O, Tris pH 8.0


dSpacer [Spd], none

Cashback Reward Rate

5% (50% of normal rate)

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