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EnCor Primary Antibodies

EnCor Primary Antibodies

Based on our previous experiences we think that antibodies and antibody-based kits are in general overpriced, particularly if they do not work as advertized. Our philosophy is therefore a simple one, we will only sell EnCor Primary Antibodies if we think that it is good enough to produce high quality results, capable of producing the same results reliably in other laboratories and of producing data which will survive rigorous peer review. So we sell excellent products at reasonable prices.

As part of generating data to show that EnCor Primary Antibodies work as they should, we have invested heavily in showing that they work well not only on western blots but especially in immunofluorescence and immunocytochemistry. This has resulted in the generation of images which we have been complemented on many times, and which other companies have used for advertizing and other purposes over many years. Many of EnCor Biotechnology Antibodies became popular with collaborators and several found their way to commercial vendors, initially Chemicon (now owned by Millipore-EMD), then Novus Biologicals, Novocastra (now owned by Leica), Sigma-Aldrich and Zymed (now owned by Life Technologies).

Available Antibodies from EnCor Biotechnology

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Showing 101–120 of 144 results

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