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Elabscience Monoclonal Antibodies

Elabscience Monoclonal antibodies are specifically designed to recognize a single epitope within an antigen. Thus, monoclonal antibodies have some advantages compared with polyclonal antibodies, such as low non-specific cross-reactivity, high specificity, minimal lot-to-lot variation, etc.

Elabscience offers mouse, rat, rabbit and other species derived recombinant monoclonal antibodies, all of which are strictly validated. Therefore we can guarantee their quality. We also provide custom monoclonal antibody services to allow you to acquire high-quality and high-performance antibodies to benefit your research at the greatest extent.

Features of Elabscience Monoclonal Antibodies

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Elabscience’s skilled technicians prepare mouse monoclonal antibodies with first-class experimental equipment and optimizational operations, which can promise the ultimate in consistency and performance.

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

Rabbit antiserum usually contain antibodies with high-affinity, which can identify more epitopes than mouse antiserum. In addition, rabbit monoclonal antibodies can recognize more antigens which may not induce immune reaction in mouse. Enjoy high-quality rabbit monoclonal antibody and first-class experience from Elabscience!

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Service

If you cannot find the antibody you need. Please visit our custom monoclonal antibody service page for more details, or contact our professional and excellent technical support team for any question.

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