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Elabscience Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal antibody is a group of immunoglobulin secreted by plasma cells in the organism, which occurred during the immune reaction when the body is stimulated by heterologous antigens (macromolecular antigen, hapten conjugates). Polyclonal antibodies have been widely applied in science research and diagnosis due to the various advantages, such as recognizing multiple antigen epitopes, causing precipitation reaction, short preparation time and low cost. Elabscience Polyclonal Antibodies are available in sizes from 20 ul to 200 ul vials.

The most important quality for polyclonal antibodies is high titer. Elabscience polyclonal antibodies are prepared from the antiserum of immunized animal by affinity purification, and this preparation method leads to the production of interested antibodies with high-titer and high-affinity which against the target antigen. We have collected a wide selection of high-quality polyclonal antibodies specific for various species and applications, and all of them are guaranteed to do great favor for your research.

Elabscience Polyclonal Antibodies

About Elabscience Polyclonal Antibodies

Mouse Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies are widely used in various biochemical experiments, such as ELISA, WB, IF, IHC, ICC, ChIP, Flow cytometry, etc. Elabscience offers a comprehensive range of high-quality mouse derived polyclonal antibodies.

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Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service

Elabscience provides polyclonal antibody production service in mouse, rat, rabbit and other species with competitive price and professional service. Our comprehensive and guaranteed Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service includes antigen design, peptide synthesis, animal immunization, purification, ELISA test, and lyophilization, etc.


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